Cybercrime Concepts

1. A (Working) Definition of Crime and Its Measurement

2. A (Working) Defniition of Cybercrime

3.  Cybeercrime Legislation

4. Privacy and Law Enforcement

Types of Cybercrime

A. Hacking

B. Theft of Data

C. Fraud

D. Destroying/Damaging Data

E. Denial of Service

G. Spam

H. Phishing

I. Extortion (Ransomware)

J. Offensive Content

K. Stalking/Bullying

L. Criminal Conspiracies

M. Cyberwar/Cyberterrorism

N. Illegal Interception of Communications

O. Illicit Markets

P. Unauthorized Public Disclosures

Q. Money Laundering

Cybercrime Trends

Criminal Justice System Response:
Measuring Cybercrime